Whiplash Prevention: How to Stay Safe on the Road


Car accidents are never fun and healthy. They often lead to stress, injuries, as well as traumatic experiences for serious accidents. One of the most common injuries brought by vehicular accidents is whiplash which is a serious neck injury.

Accidents in the road happen during the most unexpected times. Often, these occur when vehicle drivers are not concentrated on the things happening around them or when they are intoxicated while driving.

As much as possible, when driving to a certain destination, make sure that you are physically, mentally, and emotionally fit to do so. Otherwise, you or an innocent pedestrian may be injured and your car may be damaged. Here are some ways on how to stay safe on the road.

  1. Stay alert on the road and wear your seatbelt at all times. Always keep your eyes on what’s ahead of you and, at the same time, feel what’s happening around you. Avoid staring at billboards, houses on the side, other vehicles, and your mobile phone, most importantly. When you change the direction of your eyes, even for just a moment, you may hit or get hit by another vehicle on the road and who knows what might happen next?
  1. Strictly follow traffic lights and road signs at all times. Unless you are driving an ambulance, no one in exempted from these road rules. Beating the red light, illegal counter-flowing, and impulsively changing lanes are the most common causes of road accidents. Stay calm and collected while driving. Even if you are running late for an appointment, it is still better to arrive late than injured, isn’t it?
  1. Make sure that your car is perfectly fit to travel. Before starting its engine, check major parts and accessories if they are all functional and well maintained. Check for flat tires and wheel pressure. Check oil and water in the engine. Check if you have sufficient fuel, as well. If your car is in good condition to travel, you will have fewer worries about experiencing problems or accidents on the road.

Being a responsible driver will reduce your risk in experiencing road accidents and injuries such as whiplash. Remember to always stay safe on the road. Your safety is still more important that any meetings, appointments, or movie schedule. So drive safely at all times.